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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 24, 2013 2:00pm-4:00pm EST

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u.s. on a map. he created this unbelievable picture. each one of these dots represents one person. 341 million dots. the map allows you to zoom into the local level to see where everybody lives. wow. dangerous, i think. that's it for me. cnn newsroom continues with don lemon. hey, don. >> you just heard the military's about-face, but you are about to see how women are training to face every soldier's worst nightmare. rolling. the story keeps changing as the twists get more bizarre. who is sat fault in the manti te'o saga? >> chilling new details about a teen's alleged plot targeting wal-mart and now his uncle said -- >> even your owner reporter got several facts wrong. >> intimate new pictures of jfk and his famous family.
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. welcome. i'm don lemon. game on. the battle over gun control is kicking into high gear. dianne feinstein stood near this wall of guns flanked by police officers as she unveiled a tough bill that would ban assault weapons. the new bill would ban more than 100 specific models of firearms. semi automatic weapons with detachable magazines and high capacity magazines that use more than ten rounds of ammunition. lawmakers say the time to act is now. >> these massacres don't seem to stop. they continue on. columbine, virginia tech, aurora, tucson, oak creek. the common thread in these shootings is each gunman used a semi automatic assault weapon or
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large capacity ammunition magazines. >> i hope, i pray, and i believe that this horror in newtown, connecticut is our wake up call. our call as americans to act and to act now. what happened in newtown on december 14th, 2012 was an unspeakable tragedy. but what happens now? that is up to us. >> that last speaker was new congresswoman elizabeth etsy. the bill faces big hurdles. the nra staunchly opposes the bill. the cover of the journal reads siege and says an article inside said that the gun ownerships face an assault on rights. we have a new statement to read from you. senator feinstein has been trying to ban guns from
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law-abiding citizens for decades. it's disa pointing, but not surprising. the american people know gun ban dos not work. a sponsor of the proposed assault weapons ban, connecticut senator richard blumenthal next hour. what are the final battle lines? one has been eliminated. women are no longer banned from combat units. leon panetta issued the order in the last 30 minutes. >> therefore today general dempsey and i are pleased to announce that we are eliminating the direct ground combat exclusion rule for women. we are moving forward with a plan to eliminate all unnecessary gender-based barriers to serve. >> eliminating the ban will take time and the assessment phase. each branch will examine all the
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jobs and units not accepting women and then produce a timeline for integration. every three months, service leaders will have to check on their progress and if it's found they are not suited for a unit, an exemption may be sought. one part of the air force, they have been side by side, fighting on the ground for more than a decade. >> this is tech sergeant andrea jefferson's worst nightmare. patrolling a remote area of afghanistan, taking on enemy fire and a comrade goes down. >> i want you to hold pressure hads on wound. >> jefferson has been training for this moment for months. >> get him on the vehicle. get him out of here. >> within minutes the airman is bannaged up and moved out of harm's way. this is not afghanistan, but it
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soon will be. they are in south georgia at the air force base. in a matter of weeks, they will be on the frontlines of battle in afghanistan and they are ready. >> i felt like the warrior medic i have seen in the movies. >> her squadron will be called and never jefferson and the other women will fight alongside the men. >> the females do everything the men do. sometimes better. >> they are members of the 820th based group from air assault to ground combat, the group does it all. that includes the women. they are medics and intelligence officers and police officers. their current mission? >> to be a first combat ready group unlike the rest of the air force. >> we have approximately 730 individuals assigned to our team. 99 of which are women.
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each mission sets across the group and they are open to every individual we have assigned here. regardless of gender and race. >> this opportunity was allowed for the air force. with secretary of defense leon panetta living the ban that kept women from serving in combat positions, all military women will be there, fighting side by side with men. >> we have four different air force combat action medal recipients and three purple hearts as well as four different ladies have been entered into the wounded warrior program. across the board as individuals, they all performsuperbly. >> amazing what you can do when the adrenaline is pumping. >> the women of the 820th have been awarded three purple hearts and air force combat medals. make sure you join me.
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i will talk with the war vet tulsi gabbard and she served in iraq in the next hour here on cnn. >> pictures to show you now. rare photographs of president john f. kennedy that can only come from a real insider. they are from the personal collection of the president's special assistant, kennedy's best friend and confidant throughout his career. there hundreds of items to be sold to the highest bidders next month. from new york, alina, this is a fresh look at camelot. >> dare i say a look that we have never seen before. if i had to say it, i would call it the holy grail of jfk memorability. 723 lots and thens ousands of i in all. invitations and books and gifts from the kennedy family. take a look at this.
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jfk's bomber jacket. that has an estimate of 20 to $40,000, but undoubtedly it will go for more, probably a lot more. we are talking about really incredible stuff. it coincides with the 50th anniversary of jfk's assassination. i want to take you through the more interesting items. in addition to the bomber jacket and take a look at this amazing photo. a jfk jacquelyn and ethyl kennedy. you can see jackie holding the camera. she took this photo of the three of them as they looked in a mirror. they look so young. photos of jfk and jackie celebrating his 46th birthday in may. other photos there in may of 1963. an important date. this was just a couple of months before he was assassinated in dallas. just look at that. incredible items. tons of photos.
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letters and signed booked and itineraries and invitations. incredible stuff. >> it is and these items come from the family of david powers. what can you tell us about him and how the items were found after all these years. >> a lot of people were wondering, why now? david powers, let's tell you about him. he was a best friend and special assistant to president kennedy. they workeding to from way back in the early days in 1946 until the day that kennedy died. powers himself died in 1998. these items were locked away until last year when powers' family was getting ready to sell his home. they stumbled upon them. one of the more interesting items we heard about was david powers's itinerary from the day that jfk was assassinated. it was typed until the moment that jfk was shot. at that point powers made
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handwritten notes that include jfk shot, carried my president on a stretcher and the last entry on that itinerary was, president is dead. >> fascinating. i understand as well, alina, a tiny auction house outside of boston is handling this auction. how do they score that? >> they might wonder how in the world did this auction house get this? they are located in teeny tiny aims bury, massachusetts north of boston. david powers's family lives nearby and that is how this auction house scored the big get instead of the bigger houses like this. we should point out that the auction will be held on august 17th. get your computer out. you can begin bidding online right now. >> the bidding starts. thank you, alina.
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fascinating story. thank you again. >> it is the first day of trading since apple announced the earnings report. as the stock takes a dip, is the company a victim of their success? we will break it down. in the next 20 minutes, president barack obama expected to make an announcement about his inner circle that involves more changes. it's lots of things. all waking up. ♪ becoming part of the global phenomenon we call the internet of everything. ♪ trees will talk to networks will talk to scientists about climate change. cars will talk to road sensors will talk to stoplights about traffic efficiency. the ambulance will talk to patient records will talk to doctors about saving lives. it's going to be amazing. and exciting. and maybe, most remarkably, not that far away.
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. here's another sign that the housing market is turning around and the economy is getting better. lowe's is hiring in a big way. the home improvement chain is looking to add 54,000 worker this is spring. most of the jobs are part-time
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and only last through september, but it's still a job. 9,000 workers will be permanent employees. that's good news. apple stock getting hammered. disappointed by the first quarter earnings and outlook for future growth. so allison, we were talking about it and everything was apple, apple. >> it was going so swimmingly. >> why is everyone suddenly -- i don't know, but a lot of people, why are a lot of people soured on apple? >> it's not a sudden transformation since september. you look at the report card and what it shows is that apple cannibalized itself. people out there wound up buying lower priced apple products instead of higher priced top of the line. they bought the iphone 4s instead of the 5 and the mini
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instead of the higher priced one. come on. apple recorded record profits and sold 48 million iphones and 23 million ipads and not to mention the 12.6 million ipods. the shares are getting hammered. the buy low sell high mantra going on here. for investors, many bought shares when they were lower. what you are seeing is a lot of investors wanting to take a profit before the capital gains taxes kicked in. you started seeing the stock sell off last september. as for today, they are choosing to get out and they are seating up. phones and tablets and the heat is coming heavier these days. >> it's about innovation here since steve jobs passed. tim cook took over and what does it say about tim cook's tenure as ceo? >> does he get the blame?
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sure. the buck stops with him. he's the same guy who oversaw the debut of the iphone 4s. he's the guy who stared the stock price. when kwook took over, the price doubled in the first year and his charge peaked in september. shares have tumble and there two camps and schools of thought. wall street and analysts say that they don't have the confidence that he can deliver, but this is an incredibly healthy company with $137 billion tucked away and the next four quarters show what this showed last night, maybe they will ree valuate. for now, cook should stay. >> we are just minutes away.
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president obama expected as we are looking live at the white house and inside the white house, out and inside the white house. moments away from an announcement about his inner sishlg. will it bring more diversity? we will bring it to you live.
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the house stories in a flash. rapid fire. rolling. this is going to make your jaw drop. you are about to see a heart stopping close call involving a 2-year-old girl, an suv in russia spins out of control and gets hit and in that white debris flying out is the toddler. check out the slow motion and see how a big rig just misses
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her. the girl was not in a car seat, but lying across the back seat. she was taken to the hospital with a possible head injury. millions of people are shivering through snow and winds in the midwest and northeast. you can throw water into the air and watch it freeze in north dakota. a weather researcher living on a mountain where wind chills dip to minus 85 degrees below zero yesterday. >> the best way i heard it described it think of yourself diving do a very, very cold pool of water. it doesn't matter how well you are covered up, the air finds a way in. i are going to feel the cold one way or another. we are constantly deicing our instruments and if it warms up a bit, we can do a little bit of hiking and skiing, but not on a day like tonight. >> the cold front may bring ice and freezing rain to parts of the south and mid-atlantic
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tomorrow. get ready. in utah, rescuers brave told temperatures. an ice climber fell 40 feet. they had to use a rigging system to get to the woman who was 350 to 400 feet up and not breathing. helicopters took her to a hospital. >> as you can see, conditions are not the best up there. it's fun and exhilarating, but it is dangerous. we have all the right people there and all the right training. she is in the best of hands. >> a friend of the woman was with her when she fell, but she was not seriously hurt. north korea stepped up threats against a sworn enemy. the u.s. the top body vowed to launch more long range rockets and conduct more nuclear testing. all this, it says, is designed to target the u.s. the state issued is seen as retaliation for the new u.s.-led sanctions
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condemning north korea's rocket launch back in december. ♪ >> lady gaga announcing she and tony bennett are doing an album together. kruener meets woman who wears meat dresses. the two had one of the inauguration balls just this week. a lesson in team nicknames. nba style. the new orleans hornets expected to become the pelicans today. seems like a good choice. pelican is the louisiana state bird. the perfect choice would be the jazz. when the previous team left town for utah, it took the team with it. i guess they couldn't work out a trade there. it is a story that gets more bizarre by the hour. manti te'o and his fake girlfriend. what is going on? i'm talking about playing you everything he said up until this
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>> i have to tell you about an admission by manti te'o who is looking to clear his image. he admits he briefly lied last month after he found out on december 6th that the woman he believed to be his girlfriend, he said it was all a hoax. he mentioned the girlfriend again two days later. that's one part and answer to a story that left so many questions. debra has more now. >> for manti te'o, every game and victory led to this. january's national championships
2:26 pm
shape and inspired in many ways by the personal tragedy months earlier of the 21-year-old college football hero. >> when i lost my girlfriend and grandmother, that was possibly the hardest time in my life. >> it was september 11, 2012. his beloved grandmother had died and hours later another call. this 1 that his girlfriend who had apparently told him she was in a car accident and diagnosed with cancer had also died. his coach at notre dame shared the story with the media. >> you know, the love of my life. the last thing she said to me was i love you. >> he dedicated the season to them both and sent white roses and skipped the funeral to play football as he promised. everyone, fans, coaches, opposing teams rallied around the hawaiian native. >> to see a whole stadium, notre
2:27 pm
dame and michigan wear leis, you're the man. >> the relationship began on facebook in an interview with espn. he said he met her online the winter of his freshman year. she knew a lot about me already, te'o saying his girlfriend saying she was a stanford graduate, one of five siblings running a family business because her dad died. they tried tow meet several times. his first face-to-face contact came with this man after his girlfriend's death. he claimed to be her cousin. he had gone to high school with the girl in the photo, the girl te'o had fallen in love with who in reality is diana mira. >> he left me messages on facebook relaying that him and his cousin had been in a car accident. >> that woman, that is the woman
2:28 pm
that te'o thought was his girlfriend and learned otherwise. the timeline breaks down as this. december 6th, he is told that his girlfriend is still alive. this was all a bad hoax. he then told on december 8th, that's when the heisman trophy awards happen. he thanks the girlfriend and processing the information. he told coach that is the girlfriend never existed. they investigate and don't say anything until the national championships. that game happens and soon after the story breaks. what's interesting about this, katie couric presses him and said why did you keep it going? take a listen. >> this girl who i committed myself to died on september 12th. i get a phone call on december 6th saying she's alive and ask me the same question. what would you do? >> this doesn't raise to the level of what did you know and
2:29 pm
when did you know it, but he raises a valid point. what would you do if you find out that your girlfriend is still alive two days before this big ceremony? there is a lot more that's coming up and even a voice mail recording that the alleged girlfriend left him. he really fell in love with this phantom, this person who was there online and over the phone, but never in reality. >> goodness gracious. i am confused. my goodness. thank you very much. i appreciate your reporting on that. any minute president barack obama expected to make an announcement about his inner circle and another change. we are going to bring that to you live. it's a moment for you. april, 1971. vietnam vet john kerry, 27 years old testified as an antiwar leader. today, 41 years late arer, john kerry a senator himself appeared before that same committee as a
2:30 pm
president's nominee for secretary of state. how about this? it's kerry's committee. he chairs it at least for the time being until he is expected confirmation as hillary clinton's successor. we will bring in wolf blitzer from washington as we wait on this. this is one of the moments that you say how things have changed in washington. >> if you remember back when he came back from vietnam and testified, that was one moment. now he is about to be the next secretary of state. quite another moment. remember in 2004 when he was the democratic presidential nominee. he got close and lost ohio and the incumbent president george w. bush was not elected president, but was close. not that many votes. he was close at that time. he has been a senator all of these years and now going to be the secretary of state. i don't think there is any doubt they will confirm him and he
2:31 pm
will go smoothly. >> you said relatively smoothly. you think the confirmation is expected? >> yes, the confirmation is expected. it will be overwhelming and a handful who vote against him if that, but he will be different next week when chuck hagel is the nominee for the defense secretary. that will be a lot more brutal as far as the q&a given his controversial positions. i suspect that hagel will be confirmed as well. >> let's talk about the two key personnel moves we are awaiting the announcement of at the white house about to come from the white house. tell us about that. >> mary jo white in new york spent years as the u.s. attorney and she is very, very tough. the president is going to nominate her to head the sec securities and exchange commission. that's going to be a major, major responsibility. this lady is very forceful in
2:32 pm
going after wrong doers. richard who has been the director of the consumer financial protection bureau as a recess appointment. he is going to be renominated for a full appointment by the period to the agency and tries to protect consumers. it was controversial the first time. we will see what happens now that the president has been reelected and bring both before the cameras right now and make this announcement. two very important positions as far as this obama administration is concerned. both require senate confirmation. >> what are does mary jo white do for diversity? a lot of criticism about diversity in the administration. >> she is a woman obviously and there is criticism that that he is not surrounding himself with enough women. he was talking to a bunch of guys. this will help a little bit. there will be more women down the road by white house
2:33 pm
officials and don't draw final conclusions about the gender and minority make up of this second term obama administration. the president will be aggressive in getting the excellent people from all sorts of backgrounds. i think let's see what he does. senior positions in the white house are opening up even as we speak right now and the president i'm sure will have a wight range of people being brought in. >> stick around with me for this announcement from the white house. we will take a break and we will be back on the other side. ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern.
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we are standing by at the white house. the white house expected to make two key staff announcements coming up shortly from the president and as soon as that happens, we will bring it to you here on cnn. first this. one man was in the prime of his when an accident confined him to a wheelchair. he turned his experience into a business. >> i was playing volleyball at the beach and dove in for a swim to cool off. >> what happened next would change his life forever. >> there was a sand bar behind the wave and i hit my head and fractured my vertebrae. >> he spent two months with
2:37 pm
nearly fatal complications. he recovered enough to start the rehab process. the only program available for his specific needs was more than 2,000 miles away. >> shocking to think i had to go to kentucky to get the best rehab which is what everybody wants. >> he left everything behind and moved to louisville for the next year. he made good progress, but for anyone with a spinal cord injury, rehab is a lifelong process. he started asking himself, what's next? >> why don't we take what they are doing to get out of the hospital base center and take the community-based facility. >> that's what he did. immediately after returning to california, he put his business savvy and tow good use and opened next step fitness, the first rehab gym outside of a hospital setting. remember he is not just the president of this enterprise, but also the client. >> it was about 45 seconds to a minute that i can stand. i can walk with a walker for
2:38 pm
probably a couple hundred feet. i definitely believe there is hope for me. >> training costs a lot. up to $1600 a month. he said that's less than what his training costs elsewhere. scholarships are also available. >> the goal is to open the community-based facilities across the country to make sure that people have access. >> cnn reporting. >> make sure you watch dr. sanjay gaupt's show saturday and sunday here on cnn. we are awaiting the announcement at the white house and i want to go back to wolf blitzer. the president expects to nam nate mary joe white. they are previously appointed to the post during a recess appointment. that was a bit of a controversy. >> a bunch of republicans don't like this bureau agency.
2:39 pm
that's why the confirmation was held up. it was a recess appointment that president bush did too. you are limited in what you can do. this will be a full appointment assuming they go ahead and confirm him. we will see what happens in the confirmation process. he is highly respected. mary jo white in new york spent a lot of time prosecuting terrorists in new york including bombers from the wednesday. she is very tough going after a white collar criminal and others as well. i assume the reaction will be pretty favorable as far as the sec is concerned. she is being nominated to take over. you make a good point with the president bringing a woman into a sensitive and important position. here they come. >> over the last four years, i talked about how shared prosperity from wall street to main street depends on smart common sense regulations that protect the vast majority of
2:40 pm
americans from the irresponsible actions of a few. that's why we passed tough reforms to protect consumers in the financial system from the kinds of abuse that nearly brought the economy to its knees. today there rules to help families. responsible families buy a home or send their child to college without worrying about being tricked out of their life savings. rules to make sure financial firms are not undermined by those that don't do the right thing. there rules to end the wall street bailouts once and for all. but, it's not enough to change the law. we need cops on the beat to enforce the law. that's why today i am nominating mary jo white to lead the securities and exchange commission and richard cord ray to continue leading the consumer financial protection bureau. this guy is bothering me here. as a young girl, mary jo white
2:41 pm
was a big fan of the hardy boys. i was too, by the way. as an adult she built a career the hardy boys could only dream of. over a decade as a u.s. attorney in new york, she helped prosecute white collar criminals and money launderers. in the 90s, she brought down john gotti, the head of the gambino crime system and brought to justice the terrorists for bombing the world trade center and american embassies in africa. that's a pretty good run. you don't want to mess with mary jo. as one former chairman said, mary jo does not intimidate easily. that's important because she has a big job ahead of her. the sec played a in protecting our financial system in the worst of the financial crisis, but there is much more work to be done to cleat the task of reforming wall street and making sure that american investors are better informed and protected going forward. we need to keep going after
2:42 pm
irresponsible behavior in the financial industry so that taxpayers don't pay the price. i am confident mary jo has the experience and resolve to tackle these issues and protect the american people in a way that is smart and in a way that is fair. i want to thank elise walters who has done an outstanding job holding down the fort as chair woman. i expect the senate to confirm mary jo as soon as possible so she can get to work. my second nominee is a familiar face. a year and a half ago i nominated him to lead to give americans the information they need to make a sound financial choice and protect them from unscrupulous lenders and debt collectors. as a former attorney general with a long record of working with democrats and republicans on behalf of the american people, nobody questioned richards's qualifications. he was not allowed an up or down
2:43 pm
vote. i took action to appoint him on my own. richard proved to be a champion of american consumers. thanks to his leadership, we made it tougher for families to be tricked into mortgages they can't afford. responsible lenders know how to operate fairly and we launched a know before you owe campaign help them pay for college and cracked down on credit card companies and charged hidden fees to make them right and through it all, richard earned a reputation as a straight shooter and someone who is willing to bring every voice to the table in order to do what's right for consumers and the economy. now, richard's appointment runs out at the end of the year. he can't stay on the job unless the senate finally gives him the vote he deserves. financial institutions have plenty of lobbyists looking out for their interest. the american people need richard
2:44 pm
to stand up for them. there is no excuse for the senate to wait any longer to confirm him. i want to thank mary jo, richard and their families for agreeing to serve. i would like to invite them to say a few words starting with mary jo. >> thank you, mr. president, for the confidence you have placed in me and the faith you have shown in me by nominating me to be the next chair of the securities and exchange commission. i am deeply honored. if confirmed by the senate, i look forward to committing all of my energies to working with my fellow commissioners and the extremely dedicated and talented men and women of the staff of the sec to fulfill the agency's mission to protect investors and ensure the strength, efficiency
2:45 pm
and transparency of our capital markets. the sec long a vital force for the markets has a lot of long and important work ahead of it. i welcome the opportunity to lead those efforts and to build on the work of chairman mary shapiro and elise walter who i am honored is present today. finally and most importantly, i want to thank my husband john white who is here today on what is our 43rd wedding anniversary. >> today? >> today. for his strong support of me in seeking to engage in this very significant and challenging public service. thank you very much. >> thank you. . >> thank you, mr. president for the confidence you placed in me and the team with the financial protection bureau. we understand our mission is to stand on the side of consumers.
2:46 pm
our mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, sons and daughters and see that they are treated fairly. for more than a year, we have been focused on making consumer finance markets work better for the american people. we approach this work with open minds, open ears, and great determination. we all thank you and the congress for the opportunity and the honor to serve our country in this important way. thank you. >> i just want to thank again mary jo and richard for their willingness to serve. these are people with proven track records. they are going to look out for the american people, for american consumers, and make sure our market place works better and more transparently and more efficiently and effectively. again, i would urge the senate to confirm both as quickly as possible and i want to express
2:47 pm
congratulations to the whites for their anniversary. if i had known, we would have maybe rolled out a cake or something. have fun. >> thank you. >> hope you enjoy. >> that is nice. 43rd wedding anniversary happening on the day mary jo white is nominated. it went off without a hitch except for the fly. the theme is protecting the american people. >> 24 really important jobs that the president nominated. these two individuals for. richard is highly respected for the former attorney general and a whole bunch of republicans in the last session of congress, the 112th congress didn't like this agency and vowed to hold up the confirmation of anyone who was put forward because they disagreed with the nature of the position. we will see if that changes in the new senate. the president is hoping that will it and we will see if they agree to do so.
2:48 pm
she may be short as you saw there and she is tough. very, very tough. you don't want to get on her bad side. if you are going to be taking over the sec as she is likely doing, assuming she is confirmed and assume she will be because she was so highly respected as a u.s. attorney in new york with a wide range of cases she was engaged in, she probably will be very, very thorough, shall we say, at the sec and big companies are going to be on notice. and individuals. don't mess with her. >> the president said she is not easily intimidated. i know you have a show in just over an hour. thank you for taking the time. see you then. thank you. >> a 15-year-old boy accused of killing his entire family in cold blood and his next target was a wal-mart. michelle has details next for us. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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take a listen to this bizarre story. five members of the family are kill and he allegedly wanted to kill more at a wal-mart and die
2:52 pm
in the shootout with police. 15-year-old shot his mother and 9-year-old brother and even his younger sister in their beds. then he hid in a closet where the father came home from the night shift at the homeless shelter and shot him to death too. listen to the reason outlined by the sheriff. >> the motive is articulated by the suspect was purely that he was frustrated with his mother. >> the boy's uncle disputes the version of what happened. >> everything, every last bit of what has been said was taken from what i would consider a coeringsed confession in the middle of the night without a lawyer and without an adult present. it has been systematically released by the sheriff and often inaccurately. >> michelle, you talked with
2:53 pm
investigators in the case. what did they say to you? >> they are still piecing a lot of the timeline together. what i can tell you is after those murders took place around 6:00 on saturday morning, what we know is that he did leave his house and also confirmed with the church that he went to the church for a head of time. there is surveillance of him at the cavalry church in new mexico and he contacted his 12-year-old girlfriend and she contacted her grandmother who came to the church and he spent a significant amount of time with his girlfriend throughout the day. throughout saturday, the day after the murder. at that point what i know and what i have confirmed is that the grandmother took him back to the church where he spent some time. he was supposed to play drums that evening in the church choir. he didn't. he did attend the service for a
2:54 pm
small portion of time and spent other time on campus. before then going to one of the pastors and confiding that his family members were dead. >> let's talk more about the family here. as i said earlier, the uncle disputes of version of what happened. relatives of this boy are struggling to understand why this happened. i want to you listen to the uncle once again. >> he has no history of crime. he has no history of involvement by family community services. he had no shooting animals or abusesing had brothers. it wasn't there. >> what have you been able to piece together about the boy and his family? >> the uncle is exactly right on those points. the sheriff's office said they have not responded to the house for any incidents. i did confirm with the child abuse and family services that he does not have a past criminal
2:55 pm
history. he is one of ten children. five of the children are the biological children of sarah and greg. within the house at that time, he and his brother and two sisters were living in the house. they came from a wonderful family. the father was involved in gangs. he was a past convict who turned his around and had a place in the back yard where he would bring in prisoners who would get out of jail and didn't have a place to go to help rehabilitate them. did so much with the church. the entire family. greg, the father who was murdered in this case was such a large part of that organization and really helped so many people. it's hard to tell where things went wrong. as the sheriff mentioned, the fight with mom could possibly be a motive. there is something deeper within the hour. i did speak with the district attorney's office in this case. here's what i can tell you. here's what he is facing.
2:56 pm
five counts of murder and child abuse resulting in murder. the grand jury will hear this within ten business days and go from there. that's where we are with this crime and this case. she innocent until proven guilty. >> 15 years old. thank you very much. >> such a tragedy. >> it certainly is. "ac 360" brings you more on the story at 8:00 eastern. >> it's called a film to define a decade. zero dark 30, the hunt for osama bin laden. . >> you will never find him.
2:57 pm
>> the film getting critical acclaim and criticism for the display of military tactics, controversy similar to the 2009 film, "the hurt locker" about the u.s. bomb disposal unit in iraq. the person behind both films, katherine bigelow. edgy thrillers, her brt and butter. blue steel. here's bigelow on cbs this morning. >> i do feel gratified to be part of a community that has made films about tough subjects, accident especially war. apocalypse now and deer hunter, these are strong films and subjects and it's a strong community that is extremely creative. >> were you hurt you were not nominated. many people felt it was a snub and injustice to the work you did. i'm wondering how you felt. >> and the picture was
2:58 pm
nominated. >> it stands to reason the directionor would be nominated. >> it's gratifying the film is being appreciated and honored and the audiences are embracing. to be honest, it was only a couple of years ago that standing on the stage with the hurt locker. that might have something to do with it. >> the executive editor of "time" magazine is here in this cover story. you look at bigelow's career and look at jamie lee curtis who said this. she is not a cold woman. she's not a machine, but there is a machine-like execution to what she does. you interviewed katherine bigelow. would you agree? what was your experience of her? >> i think jamie lee curtis is talking about her at work. when i spoke to her about "the hurt locker" and our editor wrote this week's cover story spoke to her, she is very elegant and gracious and she is
2:59 pm
a team player and very, very focused on the job she has to get done. she is not unlike the protagonist of zero dark 30. >> let's talk about her relationship with james cameron who has been described as intense. golden globe post amy poeler. she spent three years married to cameron. what do we know about this relationship? >> it was a short marriage. years long and a long time ago. i know that the two are still friendly and supportive of each other's work and very much in touch. >> that's it. that's all you will say about that? >> ask katherine bigelow. >> she comes across as a private or shy woman compared to many of the hollywood heavy weights. tell us something we may not know about her. she lived in a bank vault in new york city. >> she has an amazing city as a
3:00 pm
visual artist. she was brought up in california and moved to new york in the 70s. she was making art and interacted with a number of pivotal figures. you see in the films that she makes that very visual quality, that special esthetics. she wants it to be memorable. anyone who has seen zero dark 30, the scene at the end of the film, you see the artist in her there. >> indeed. thank you. we appreciate you joining us. >> thank you. >> at the top of the hour, brooke is off today. the battle over gun control kicking into high gear. dianne feinstein stood near this wall of guns, flanked by police officers as she unveiled a tough bill that would ban assault weapons. it would ban more than 100 specific models of firearms and
3:01 pm
weapons with detachable magazines and high capacity magazines that use more than ten rounds of ammunition. it faces staunch opposition from the nra and gun rights advocates. her parents were shot and killed at the cafeteria in texas in 1991. she regrets leaving her gun in the car and talks about how parents are reacting to the recent shooting in newtown, connecticut. >> there is a normal reaction especially among us parents. you want to do something, something that will prevent this from happening in the future. i take a very different view. i wonder how can anybody not see that these things only happen where guns are not allowed. that seems crist american league clear that we create the killing zones that we call gun-free zones. it makes me uncomfortable to have my children in them. >> i want to bring in a cosponsor, connecticut senator
3:02 pm
richard blumenthal. are you doing okay? >> i am doing great. >> what would you say to try to convince her to support the proposed assault weapons ban? she lost her parents. >> she did. by way of reassurance, we are not talking about taking guns away from anyone nor any disrespect for second amendment rights. i have enormous respect for the constitution which includes the second amendment and the court's interpretation of it that provides an individual right to po tess firearms. we are talking about assault weapons. the kind of military-style ar-15s used, for example, in newtown to massacre 20 children and six educators. these weapons have really no purpose except to kill and maim human beings. plus the high capacity magazines. what i have been hearing from lu
3:03 pm
enforcement and i'm a former attorney general for 20 years for the state of connecticut, u.s. attorney, federal prosecutor over many, many years. they're outgunned. the police are outgunned by criminals and people with mental illness and domestic abusers who have these assault weapons. that is all we are talking about here. >> senator, the nra as i'm sure you are well aware gearing up for a fight. the new cover reads siege. siege. that means under siege or unenthusiasts are under siege. there is an recall inside that they face assault on their rights. it said don't be fooled into thinking president obama wants to ban fully automatic guns. this has nothing do to do with machine guns. the anti-has the most anti-gun president in history. senator, how are you going to fight the nra?
3:04 pm
>> the nra unfortunately is marginalizing its involvement. i regret that because we need voices on all sides including responsibility gun owners and nra mmbers who are telling me, we need to do something about keeping guns away from people who are criminals or felons or fugitive oers domestic abusers or drug addicts who should not have the weapons. background checks will be supported by members of the nr aso that we can keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn't have them. better checks for firearms researches and also for ammunition purchases and improving those background checks by making the database more complete through information that is committed by the state. i think there is the potential for real common ground here.
3:05 pm
among responsible recreational shooters as well as hunters and others who are responsible gun owners whose right to the guns is guaranteed by the second amendment. >> thank you for your time, sir. >> thank you. >> an admission, phone records and voice mails. notre dame star manti te'o lays it out and on the table when it comes to the girlfriend hoax that is smearing his image. >> my story, i felt was a guy who in times of hardship and times of trial really held strong to his faith. held strong to his family and i felt that that was my story. >> even if that hardship was perhaps exaggerated? >> no. what i went through was real. the feelings and the pain and the sorrow.
3:06 pm
that was all real. >> so a runner up for the heisman trophy said this man fooled him into believing his online girlfriend who he had never met in three years died of cancer. he admitted the same thing that the woman whose image he stole and used -- listen. >> he reached out to me a day or two days before the story broke. he relayed to me that he in fact was stalking my profile for five years, taking my photos and he created this -- >> five years? >> he created this identity that was not me. it was this woman with my face on it. >> te'o said he had late night calls with a woman he believed to be his girlfriend. in a new twist, a lawyer for him
3:07 pm
told the "new york daily news" said he was on the other end of the calls faking her voice. sunny hostin is on the case. let's start with the man behind the hoax and the names. my goodness. if the story wasn't confusing enough, the names! can te'o take legal action against the man who orchestrated all of this? >> he certainly can. what's fascinating to me about this and let me say i am a notre dame alum and so i have been following this case closely. he's not the first guy to have been duped by someone online. this happens often times. people are talking about catfishing. absolutely. i think he could have some sort of claim against him. how about the intentional infliction of emotional distress. what was clear at least in the excerpt we showed with the
3:08 pm
interview, he said those feelings were real. that sorrow and distress. that was real. if someone intentionally puts you through something like that, absolutely you have legal recourse against them. the question is what is he going to get? we are talking about a star football player who is likely to be drafted with a big financial package. this guy, this scammer doesn't have anything. you can't get blood from a stone. i think there laws to protect people from the scam artists and from these hoaxes. often times, don, they do seek legal redress and see people suing online dating sites and married men claiming to have been single. this is not uncharted territory really. >> you have people who are liars and they believe their own lies have been involved with that recently. how can you believe your own lies? >> shocking. >> te'o admits to lying, but only briefly.
3:09 pm
he stuck with the girlfriend story even after he knew it was a hoax. can we expect any action to be taken against te'o for lying? >> listen, i think in today's world where we see such carnage and athletes, some of them behaving badly, he is going to get a pass on this. he was clearly assuming that this is true that he had no knowledge of the hoax. i think the public and authorities are going to give him a pass on it. he didn't assault anyone and he didn't harm anyone and kill anyone. he was the victim of this hoax. the fact that he lied, probably from sheer embarrassment. who wants to admit they were duped like this on such a scale. i suspect nothing is going to happen to him. but a lesson well learned if this is all true. >> let it be a lesson to you and everyone. >> teachable moment. >> yes. i haven't heard that one in a
3:10 pm
while. it's back. appreciate it, sunny. >> now the biggest stories in a flash. rapid fire. let's go. washington has been the scene of brutal disputes over presidential appointments, but john kerry is considered a shoe in as secretary of state. after all, he should in the club as a member of the u.s. senate that has a constitutional duty of reviewing cabinet choices. here's kerry at his confirmation hearing. >> i sat up at the disk where you all are and looked down at the witnesses and wondered what they are thinking sometimes. as we question them. i don't want this to affect your opening questions, but let me say i have never seen a more distinguished and better looking group of basketball officials in my life. >> smooth sailing so far for john kerry. florida teachers could see a jump in their paychecks soon. governor rick scott says the state's first budget surplus in five years should go straight to the teachers. >> i'm asking the legislature to
3:11 pm
join me with supporting my 2013 budget request to give every full time classroom teacher a $2500 pay raise. >> the proposal would cost the state $480 million. >> talk about a close call. a baby girl survives a car crash after being tossed into on coming traffic. look at the car swerving in rush why and into the wrong lane. it slams in and the toddler goes flying out of the back of the car. that's her. as an on coming truck barely missing her. the man rushes to pick the baby up and returns her to the car. goodness. >> north korea is is thea again promising nuclear tests as part of an all out action targeting the u.s.
3:12 pm
let's go. inside the military's about-face, you are about to hear from one woman who has trained for every soldier's nightmare. plus, one of golf's good guys suddenly jumps into a political debate, but phil mickelson now said he regrets his comments about taxes. and it's known as revenge porn. more people are taking action against their exes. we are on the case. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] nothing gets you going quite like the power of quaker oats. today is going to be epic. quaker up.
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now i want to take you to florida where a pair of cold cases are drawings attention and
3:15 pm
involve two men who disappeared a decade ago under strangely similar s. i want you to watch this from randi kay. >> marsia williams has not seen her son in more than years. >> do you have any hope your son is alive? >> i don't believe that terrence is alive. at this point i have to find out what happened to him. >> what happened to ter engs williams is anybody's guess. he was last seen outside this napele, florida cemetery on january 11th, 2004 with this man, sheriff's deputy steve crock ins. investigators say the story about meeting terrence williams here at the cemetery doesn't add up. at point he said he pulled terrence williams's car over because it was having problems. when he called his friend in dispatch, he reported the car had been abandoned and never let on he had any contact with the driver. terrence williams. >> i got a homey cadillac on the
3:16 pm
side of the road here signal 11, signal 52, nobody around. >> maybe he is out there in the cemetery and he will come back and his car is gone. >> if the driver was not around, how was deputy caulk ins able to run a background check with his name and birth date. >> last name? >> williams. common spelling. >> date of birth? 4-1-75. black male. >> four days later, he remembers nothing of the car or the driver. listen to what he said when a sheriff's dispatcher calls him at home. >> you towed a car from vanderbilt on 111th on monday, a cadillac, do you remember it? >> no. >> do you remember? -- the vehicle and arrested him and i don't show you arresting anybody. >> i never arrested nobody. >> isn't that amazing? he's a seasoned veteran and he
3:17 pm
couldn't remember four days later. >> you don't buy that? >> no, it's not true. it's not true at all. >> eight days after terrence vanished, the deputy was ordered to write a report and it's in this report a different story emerges. the deputy said he drove the 27-year-old father of 4 to a nearby circle k where he said he thought he worked. that version of events concern investigators. months earlier they heard the same story from the deputy about another missing man. 23-year-old felipe santos vanished october 13th after they responded to the scene of a minor accident involving santos. he issued a citation and put him in the back of the sheriff's car. when he was questioned about felipe, an undocumented worker, he said he dropped santos off at
3:18 pm
a circle k. the sheriff's investigator, kevin o'neal. >> we have no independent cooperation of anyone saying they saw him at one of the circle ks. that is hawkins's testimony. i think we can add up where we can put his testimony at this point. >> o'neal said neither of the missing men was ever seen on circle k's security cameras and there is more. >> you have been doing this for a long time. you know when something doesn't smell right. >> you think he had anything to do with the disappearance and possible death of the two men? >> he is absolutely in the middle of the investigation and everything i turn to brings me back to steve caulk ins. >> months after they went missing, the deputy, a 16 year veteran was fired for lying in connection with the investigation of terrence williams. caulk ins has not been charged with a crime because no criminal evidence was found linking caulk ins to the disappearances. in the case of terrence williams, they say the deputy's
3:19 pm
car was search and described as immaculate. caulk ins's home was never searched because according to investigators i they didn't have the evidence needed for a search warrant. we wanted to ask steve caulk ins some questions, but couldn't get past this woman. hello? >> yes. >> hi, sorry to bother you. i'm randi kay with cnn. >> no, you can get the camera out of your property. >> he's not on your property? >> bye. >> is he here? >> bye. >> caulk ins did tell a local paper he didn't do anything wrong, blaming the coincidences on very bad luck. he suggested maybe they ran away. >> if terrence was alive, terrence would have had somebody to contact his mother. i know for sure that's one thing he would do. call my mama. >> so many people are up in arms
3:20 pm
about this case, including actor tyler perry. he wants answers too and held a press conference to bring more attention to the case. he has been there a few times already on this. he is offering $100,000 to anyone who helps locate these men and helps convict their killer. >> has that offer gotten attention and are police getting tips? >> they are. i spoke with the sheriff's department this afternoon and they have ten new tips and four are active. they are working those. what is bizarre is that detective caulk ins still lives nearby the sheriff's department living quietly in naples as they continue to investigate him and pin this on him and he hasn't made public statements since we filed the story. >> thank you very much, randi kaye. just in to cnn that involves airplanes. this is dulles airport in washington, d.c. this is according to the airport authority. we are learning that a united flight from brussels may have
3:21 pm
clipped the wing of another empty aircraft part that the gate next to the that was taxiing into, here's what we are being told. they disembark at the gate as normal. when the airport authority arrived, the planes were not touching and they can't confirm a clip here. no reports of injuries and no hazards found. there was no damage seen, but airline and the faa are investigating. two airplanes may have touched and the wings may have clipped each other. no injuries and the airplane may have clipped the wing of an empty aircraft taxiing into the next gate over. we will continue to check on that for you here on cnn. up e the defense department lifting the ban on women serving in combat units. we will speak with the hawaii congresswoman and we will get her take next.
3:22 pm
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3:24 pm
>> many women troops and leon panetta and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff signed the order, lifting the ban on women serving in direct combat units. >> if you are willing to put their lives on the line, we ought to recognize that they deserve a chance to serve in any capacity they want. by eliminating the direct combat exclusion provision, the burden used to be on -- it used to be that why should a woman serve in a particular specialty. >> joining me now is an iraq war veteran who serves as a police captain for the national guard from hawaii.
3:25 pm
tulsi i have to say we have become fast friends. i have to say we are a wonderful person and we know women as medics and mechanics and other important roles have been fighting in combat despite what policy said. what's your reaction to what the pentagon did. >> aloha to you and all of your viewers. it's special for me to be able to share this moment today with you and everyone because it really is a significant moment for us, but also for history and for our country for all the women who are currently serving overseas and putting their lives on the line every day. for the 1.8 million women who have worn the uniform at time or another and put their lives on the line, literally for generations. going back in the history of our country with this move today. it really is an official recognition by the president and the department of defense for the women who have been serving
3:26 pm
in these combat roles. . >> let's talk about the officials and the strength and the conditions on war zones. some units have stringent physical requirements and to be a navy s.e.a.l., you have to be able to do 50 push ups in two minutes. do you think the military should adjust the qualifications for women? >> no,i don't. i think that if there is a good reason to have very high requirements in a physical realm for these jobs, they shouldn't change those just for women because there incredible women who are ready and champing at the bit not only to meet them, but exceed them. i will tell you about a good friend of mine. captain diana lay did 100 push ups in two minutes. she is say great example of one of the many fine women warriors we have out there. >> we know that. how should the military handle
3:27 pm
pregnancy, for example for women in combat units. should a com bad leader be able to direct a woman member not to get pregnant? >> look, i think the point here is both men and women are professionals. they care very much about the mission and they are there because they are there to serve our country. looking at someone in a deployed setting, it's not in their best interest to get pregnant overseas, but if it happens, it happens. we take care of each other. we have a highly trained and skilled and motivated force and by opening the doors to women, we will only be stronger because of the unique capabilities that women bring to the table. >> thank you very much. golfer mickelson wants a mulligan on comments he made about his income taxes and remarks are sparking debate
3:28 pm
about taxes and the wealthy. we will take about it, next. all waking up. connecting to the global phenomenon we call the internet of everything. ♪ it's going to be amazing. and exciting. and maybe, most remarkably, not that far away. we're going to wake the world up. and watch, with eyes wide, as it gets to work. cisco. tomorrow starts here. so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply.
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north korea vowing to target what it called the sworn enemy, the united states. this announcement on state tv. settling accounts with the u.s. needs to be done with force and not with words as if the u.s. regards jungle law as a rule of survival. they are seen for retaliation for the u.s.-led sanctions for the rocket launch back in december. at the time north korea swore it was part of the peaceful space program, but now this. the long range rockets that we will fire and the high level
3:31 pm
nuclear test we will carry out are targeted at the united states. that wasn't clear enough. south korea saying the threats are real. listen. >> we consider that north korea is ready to conduct a nuclear test innocent if the leadership decides to go ahead. regarding this, we are closely monitoring the nuclear test preparations and the military movement based on the firm and combined it was position. >> abc news anchor is here with us. you have been on the story for years. you visited a nuclear facility in 2008. saw them blowing up the cooling tower. how much of a threat are these nukes to u.s. soil? >> well, don, they are just not right now. analysts say that yes, this is incredibly be lidge rent and it was targeted, but as you say, it came in direct response for the
3:32 pm
latest set of u.s. resolutions and this is yet another potential nuclear test which is not good news. they don't want that. they have seen two devices being tested, but you talk to all the experts inside and outside government. north korea doesn't have the long range missile capability to reach the united states and it does not have the ability to put a nuclear warhead on to a missile. right now it doesn't have it. it's much more of an ongoing threat and somebody that has to be dealt with and definitely a rhetorical threat. >> that are out of the way, north korea feels betrayed by china. it sided with the u.s.-led sanctions. how does our rep with china play into all of this? china is the only major diplomatic ally in the region. >> it's incredibly important
3:33 pm
because the united states said it needs to be in the negotiations and not bilaterally, but with china and japan and the other countries which are evolved. china is the that is considered to have the most leverage with north corae because it shares a border and gives a lot of aid and a lot of engage ams and leadership of both countries meeting on a fairly regular basis. china doesn't want to see the tests by north korea. china getz angry when there the nuclear tests and device tested with all the international laws. >> thanks. >> thank you. >> you can file this story under train wreck waiting to happen. one of the wealgyest athletes in the case of the golfer in this
3:34 pm
case. the reliability controversial film, mickelson decided to open up about the taxes he pays on his $40 police million annual income. at one point she suggested that his growing tax burden made him consider quitting golf. here's the quote. the money as it were. there going to be some drastic changeses for me because i happen to be in the zone that has been targeted federally and by the state and you know, it doesn't work for me right now. so not working for phil. this golf thing and the taxes that go along with that $48 million income. that was sunday. here, yesterday, a change of tune for phil mickelson. listen. >> i made some dumb, dumb mistakes and obviously talking about this stuff was one of them. my apologies for talking about it publicly. i shouldn't take advantage of the form that i have as a
3:35 pm
professional golfer to try to ignite change. i think it was insensitive to talk about publicly to those people who are not able to find a job and struggling paycheck to paycheck. that was insensitive to discuss. >> let's discuss it now. she the chief business correspondent for news and world report. you have a lot of folks going. some are saying what a winer and complainer and others are saying you are getting hammered. are the wealthy making changes as mickelson suggested here? >> she getting no sympathy for the taxes he pays on $50 million of income. i'm not going to defend him on that. he highlighted something that is a real problem. it's not just rich people who are getting nickelled and dimed
3:36 pm
at the federal level and the state level and the local level. a lot of middle class people are feeling the same pinch. they might be earning $50,000 rather than $50 million, but everybody just about who gets a paycheck got a tax hike this year when the payroll tax cut expired. one thing we don't think about is local property taxes have gone up if for a lot of people because cities and states are running out of money and sales taxes and income taxes have gone up by a lot too. there is no good set of data that puts it together. we don't think about it this way, but a lot of people believe it or not are suffering for the same thing phil mickelson is explaining about. >> between prop 30 and the new federal taxes on the wealthy, here's what he said. his tax rate climbed to 63%. some people say if you break it down as we do here, it's probably in the range of 52% and that's before you even factor in
3:37 pm
itemized write offs. maybe not as bad for the wealthy as mickelson first suggested. >> he is definitely not paying 63%. ha might be his starting tax rate with all kinds of various deducks and charitable giveaways and things like that. most accountants will tell you it's down to 50%. >> still a lot of money. >> he's in about the worst place he can be for paying taxes. that is to be in california. a high tax state. like tiger woods just did. that's another interesting situation we have. a growing disparity between some states that have been raising taxes and other states like texas and florida that are saying look, we have no income taxes. we raise revenue in other ways. people are starting to play between states with high taxes and states with low taxes. a lot of people are leaving california and it's businesses that are leaving too. especially medium sized businesses that employ a fair number of people that are going
3:38 pm
to places like utah and idaho. this is not necessarily a great thing that we have got. companies moving around and people considering moving around. what we really need is for people to be thinking about the best ways to be productionive wherever they happen to be and not to figure out where they can go to skirt the laws. >> thank you. >> sure thing. >> coming up, the growing problem of revenge porn. say you are in a relationship that ends badly. your ex-has access to intimate foties of you. those picture may end up online posted on revenge porn websites. that story is next. [ woman ] uh-oh.
3:39 pm
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3:41 pm
at the world economic forum in switzerland where the global leaders in business and government gatherer to talk big ideas. that's where ali sat down with eric kantor to discuss washington's next big political battle budget. >> when you look at the options out there, president obama's budget proposal and paul ryan's offer, they both don't do what guys say need to be done. now you have a proposal that said you will balance the budget in years. i asked paul ryan this and i can't get an answer. how? it's going to hurt.
3:42 pm
>> there new base lines in the budget. as we know, some of the difficulty and the differences in washington were centered around the method of accounting whether it's static or damic. when you raise taxes, that $650 billion of additional tacks that went in because of the cliff deal, that adjusts the base line. that is going to make the numbers look differently. right? we will have to make choices. no question about it. we have committed to putting a budget out there that will bring it to balance within years. >> the fact is nobody seems to want to own up to a budget that will hurt. >> the ryan budget, the last didn't balance in almost 30 years. the way we were trying to move said look. like in most in the private sector, we want to transition from a defined benefit scenario to a defined contribution
3:43 pm
scenario. you need to affect real reforms in delivery and compensation and payment if you are going have that happen. we cannot get agreement from the white house and the democrats in congress to join us in the effort. >> you started by saying it's about growth. here at the world, everybody in the world agrees it's about growth. >> what's the thing you can do to move the ball for the and create growth? >> i think that the elections said more than anything else is the people of our country want to see a government that works. >> regardless of whether that's about taxes or cuts. >> we have got to and i hope the administration and barack obama, the president, will join us and say look, it's time for us to set differences aside and do what any couple does and group of people do which is say look,
3:44 pm
you are not going to agree 100% on everything. you are not going to agree 100% on anything. find where we agree. >> when they did on that on january 1st of this year, you voted against it. we found middle ground. >> there was no middle ground. where were the cuts? >> the middle ground that you asked for no tax increases and a threshold of $1 million. >> we're said and according to the rule, we always said if we are going to raise revenues through borrowing and taxing, we have got to do something about the problem. you can't keep digging deeper and asking people to pay more taxes. >> but you did vote against the consensus agreement? >> there really wasn't. this was a last minute jam of a deal. i think we could have done a lot better for the american people. we going to have a last minute jam of a deal on the debt ceiling that is going to happen in may on a continuing
3:45 pm
resolution and a budget? >> i hope we can work things out and come to an agreement that you will have to do something about the problem. it is about spending. we have to get control of the spending. >> you understand you are never going to get democrats to agree? you will find another way around coming to the solution. >> for we don't get control of the spending, then you are going to end up like europe. >> don't we go back to bowles simpson? nobody likes it. >> they didn't solve the spending problem. back to that, the main driver are the health care entitlements. they left that out. >> can you lead and say let's do a bowles simpson? >> we are working to fix the coalition and others. let's come together. we have proponents and we are looking for those who say fine, let's do something. >> you are prepared to go in with documents. we won't do this. this is what it looks like. let's talk.
3:46 pm
>> i think we have done that since barack obama was elected. >> some may disagree. >> we have papers. >> you will see let's negotiate on our suggestion and let's come to the table. here's the room. >> consistently have done that, but it's not proper or accura accurately portrayed. it is about sitting downing to and figuring out how to fix the problems. >> it will be portrayed now because it's coming out of your mouth. thanks.
3:47 pm
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3:49 pm
>> 6% of americans, over 18 admit to sending nude pictures of themselves to someone else. that is according to a study and now today a case that will make you think twice before sending such photos. 16 women say they may be victims of revenge porn. that's when a bitter ex-of yours sends a nude photo of you to a porn site. these women filed a civil lawsuit in texas court, alleging their photos were posted illegally. drew is on the case for us. cases like this are on the rise. how does the law protect people online? can they be protected. >> the first thing is the importance of thinking twice
3:50 pm
before you send these pictures even with a boyfriend or girlfriend. now what happened is the companies have been been a conduit and what they are saying is hey, conduit. send it to us and we'll put it online and you can get back at her. the lawyers are saying, our clients have agreed for their pictures to go public. the lawyers are saying, we're suing you and anybody that clicks on that site, we'll sue you also. >> like godaddy, it's almost like child porn, if you click on it you can be named in a suit? >> that's exactly right. people are being criminally prosecuted and lawyers are suing them for looking at children's pictures and what these lawsuits are doing are going after the consumers as well. godaddy is going to go on no matter what.
3:51 pm
they are going to go after the wallets of the people that click on the sites that want to see the pictures of these jilted girlfriends. >> wow. do you think it will work? >> i think it will be enough to make people think twice. >> think twice before you send a picture and also if you're going to send a picture out of your ex, you should think twice because you could be prosecuted as well? >> that's exactly right. this next case is an atlanta man suing the state of georgia because they won't let him put the word gay on his license plate. he applied for gayman and gaypwr and was disapproved. haters were approved but haters1 denied. >> i think it's arbitrary and clearly a violation.
3:52 pm
you're going to see an about-face. the attorney general of georgia has a sophisticated office with very bright constitution nal justice. it made it illegal to have consenting sodomy amongst a gay couple and even though that was at first affirmed by the supreme court, it later got reversed. this attorney general's office is not going to endure the embarrassment of that. >> all right. it will be over. drew findling, interesting stuff. think twice about those pictures. >> absolutely. we'll be right back.
3:53 pm
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you can bet people who own stock in apple will be glad to see the "closing bell" ring on wall street. it has been an ex accepting nally bruising day for what had been a financial jugernaut. alison, what in the world is going on? >> apple didn't sell as many i phones as wall street wanted done. people wound up buying lower price products instead of the higher priced ones. they bought the iphone 4s instead of the iphone 5. that hurt apple's bottom line. apple recorded record profits.
3:56 pm
there are quality alternatives out there. it's getting crowded out there. apple is feeling the heat as we watched the stock fall almost 12.5%. the $450 stock price i don't think is anything to sneeze at, don. >> no, it's not. steve jobs welcomed apple to people are worried about apple innovation. what does it say about tim cook, if anything? >> he's getting the blame. the blame is right on his shoulders because the stock was trading around $375 a share when cook took over. the price almost doubled in the first year that he was in charge and then the price peaked in september when the iphone 5 came out but the thing is, since then, the shares have been
3:57 pm
tumbling and there are two schools of thought on this. wall street and analysts say, we don't have the confidence in tim cook that he can deliver the next hippest device and shareholders don't want him to leave. this company has $137 million tucked away but i don't think you're going to see tim cook go anywhere. >> thank you, alison. we'll be right back. like mango jalapeño shrimp and parmesan crunch shrimp. just $11.99. offer ends soon! i'm ryon stewart, and i sea food differently. so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot
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